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Sep 18, 2010 4:00am EDT
. bret. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks ended the week on a positive note. the dow added about 13. s&p 500 gained about a point and the nasdaq was up 12 1/3. a piece of legislation called the dream act may be turning into a nightmare for democrat sponsors and republican critics. chief correspondent jim angle tells us what it is and why it's so divisive. >> reporter: an emotional and pointed doo ebate where harry reid inserted into a key defense fell, making it difficult for illegal aliens to get citizenship and senator john mccain is angry about it. >> this is a transparent attempt to win an election. that's what this is all about. >> with our forces fighting two wars, he says this is no time to throw partisan unrelated matters on to a must-pass defense bill. he says it's nothing more than currying favor with the hispanic voters. >> in desperation, they see november election is coming up is palpable. >> reid owes opponent agrees. >> he's politicized this and looking for votes in the places where he thinks he can find them and to attach them to the defense
FOX News
Sep 15, 2010 7:00pm EDT
coverage tonight. mike emanuel at the white house. first to the chief political correspondent carl cameron in dover, delaware tonight. karl, are the democrats right here? is the tea party hurting republicans or is that something that we don't yet know? >> well, that's a partisan talking point there even are some republicans that suggest here in delaware christine o'donnell is going to have a tougher time winning joe biden's former seat than mike castle might have. a whole bunch of other republican candidates are now doing pretty well. there is rand paul in kentucky who is tied or leading the polls just jack conway. there is tea party favorite sharon angle in nevada who is tied or leading against the democratic majority leader harry reid. in colorado, ken buck is tied with the incumbent senator mike bennett. if you go down to florida, let's not forget that marco rubio the republican candidate chased governor charlie crist out of the g.o.p. is he now running an independent and rubio is winning in a three-way race. so, here in delaware, the turnout was double what people expected. christine o
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Sep 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us who got an invitation and why it's causing a stir. >> in the past month, president obama has been holding events like this one in columbus, ohio, in small venue speaking to typical americans and listening to their thoughts about the economy. monday, obama traveled to fairfax, virginia, backyard where people expressed concerns about jobs and other economic issues. composed of friendly audiences the events represented middle class so-called real people. >> you're in a bubble. when you are president. and sometimes you just don't have the opportunity to have the kind of interactions that i used to have even when i was a senator. and so, these kind of formats are terrific for me. >> but next monday mr. obama is scheduled to be in a town hall made for tv event at museum in washington and cnbc will televise it and they encourage the alumni club of washington, d.c. to invite members to attend. well-known princeton graduates in washington are first lady michelle obama and supreme court justice sonia sotomayor and elena kagan. alumni alert say
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Sep 21, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. some more, actually. white house correspondent mike emanuel joins us live with that story. good evening, mike. >> good evening, bret. after being very careful with the choice of words about possible personnel shuffle, administration officials confirmed to fox, president obama chief economic advisor larry summers is leaving by the end of the year to return to harvard. a statement released short time ago, president said about summers, "i will always be grateful a time of great peril in the country, man of larry's brilliance and experience and judgment was willing to answer the call and lead the team." he goes on to say "we're on a better path thanks to no small measure to larry's wise counsel." senior aides understand that obama understands the dismay americans are feeling about the economy. >> i don't doubt that people are frustrated that the pace of the economic recovery has not been faster under the president's watch. >> reporter: monday, cnbc town hall the president heard directly from people who identified themselves as supporters, but are now sounded exhausted and dejected. >> i hav
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Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm EDT
if a presidential visit is worth the risk. white house correspondent mike emanuel has the story. >> president obama is heading back out on the campaign trial answer though his personal popularity dipped ten points from where it was during of 2008 campaign. mr. obama will hold fundraisers in connecticut for richard blumenthal the democratic candidate for senate and state democratic party and linda mcmahon shows he's the career politician in the race. >> it's interesting for mr. blumenthal who, you know, wants to be an outsider to washington and yet, he's thoroughly embracing, you know, the president coming in and you know, it's a big bear hug and embrace. >> it's time to shake things up. >> mcmahon is self-funded and used wealth from wrestling corporation, to fund. and a poll shows blumenthal's lead eroded from 41 points in january to 6 point lead. >> i'm actually a little ahead of where i expected to be at this particular time, but again, it's a little like being in a diet and the last ten pounds a hardest to lose. >> blumenthal's campaign says he's unavailable for an interview, but mindy meyer say
FOX News
Sep 16, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the vietnam war. mike emanuel live at the white house for us now. what is the thinking, mike, about the obama factor in the connecticut contest? >> jon, for the blumenthal campaign, it means cash. it's a blue state, the president is getting a very warm reception in connecticut. but one expert of the political scene up there says there are risks. >> it's a calculated risk because although all of our surveys show that blumenthal is probably the most beloved public official in the state, we have to remember that we really are facing an anti-incumbent mood in the electorate even in connecticut. >> so linda mcmahan, the republican in the race known for being the c.e.o. of the world wrestling entertainment is using this to point at blumenthal and say he is an insider by bringing the president in when the polls get close and i should note that blumenthal was up by 41 points in january. it's dropped to six last week, jon. >> less than two months until the election, should we expect to see the president out campaigning a lot? his popularity is down. >> his senior aides say the president will go out
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 4:00am EDT
in the house. political calculation to blunt criticism from republicans. white house correspondent mike emanuel has the story. >> we'll remain the right to proceed as we choose. >> undecided speaker nancy pelosi on whether the house will vote on the bush tax cut before leaving town for mid-term election. the issue is timely because late thursday spokesman for senate majority leader harry reid said it was impossible for senators to improve the tax cuts before november 2. >> it's not about the election. it's about the policy. we're all strong on that. the voter can go home and talk about their commitment to that. >> pelosi and other democratic leaders favor extending the middle class tax cut but not those for upper income americans, individuals earning more than $200,000 a year and families earning more than $250,000. leading republicans who believe the bush tax cut should be extended for all americans are crying foul. >> a gutless approach for them. it understand the democrats, this is a tough approach for them. they never had the guts to do what they believe. they have overwhelming numbers. >>
FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
, but white house correspondent mike emanuel says even the president admits they've come up short so far. >> reporter: the president visited a family in fairfax, virginia to talk about what more he'd like to do to help the economy and he later joined a larger group which included small business owners and john nicholas and nicole armstrong's back yard to explain what his economic policies have and have not accomplished so far. >> we've stopped the bleeding and stable is liilized the econ but the pace of improvement has not been where it needs to be. >> reporter: the president is trying to push the senate to pass a small business jobs bill which includes about 12 billion dollars in tax breaks and 30 billion dollars to encourage lending. which the treasury secretary says is what the struggling dmi needs. >> this bill will accomplish two big things, it will cut taxes for small businesses, it will make loans credit more available to small businesses. and it provides this boost for job creation without adding to our deficits. >> mr. obama says he could sign the bill into law if it were not
FOX News
Sep 17, 2010 6:00pm EDT
house correspondent mike emanuel looks at the specifics. >> the obama administration has sent a 20, plus billion dollar wish list to congress to ascertain a stop gap bill to keep the government running. includes 5.7 billion dollars to avoid shortfalls in the pell grant program next year. 5.5 billion dollars to help keep the postal service afloat. 4.6 billion dollars to help set a longstanding lawsuits against the government including black farmers against the usda and 1.9 billion dollars in grants for better performing schools. and house republicans say this is stuffing pet projects into a must-have bill. >> we are as conservatives are resisting the administration's attempt to load up this bare bones bottom line spending bill with unnecessary items. >> meanwhile, the administration is trying to show the american public the spending in last year's roughly 800 billion dollar stimulus package as making a difference. a new report, 100 recovery act projects are changing america and designed to spotlight putting people back to work and moving the country forward. repursue bishing ellis island
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 4:00am EDT
style meeting. the make-up of the audience may have been in his favor, mike emanuel said the subject matter had the president on the defensive. >> national bureau of economic research says the recession ended in june 2009 lasting 18 months but did not say economic conditions have been favorable or that the economy returned to operating at normal capacity. with unemployment still at 9.6%, president obama at a town hall meeting on cnbc did not find a reason to celebrate the end of the recession declaration. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline. people who are struggling to pay the bills day-to-day, it's still very real for them. >> with a sluggish recovery, there is a fierce debate over extending the bush tax cuts. the administration is pushing for extension of the cuts to the middle class. a growing number of people including connecticut independent senator joseph lieberman say raising taxes on anybody right now could lead to a double-dip recession. mr. obama is still opposed to extension for those making mor
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Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the public and trepidation from the president's fellow democrats. mike emanuel on the low-key event. >> reporter: in a suburban backyard, president obama marked the six-month anniversary of healthcare reform. the president was surrounded by 20 people who believe healthcare reform is a good thing. although there was a moment of confusion. >> part of the affordable care act that we could implement right now and would take effect -- is it today or tomorrow? tomorrow. see, francis knows. >> reporter: there was an effort to personalize the law including a woman with non-hodgkins li s lymphoma and still has her insurance. >> it wasn't that what will i do, i have cancer but how will i pay for the bills coming our way? >> reporter: it's contrast from six months ago when healthcare was celebrated with great fanfare and joe biden offered this assessment in front of an open mic. but now, critics say unlike the people at the president's event, most americans have yet to see any benefit from this law. >> the fact is that the average person doesn't identify with that kind of setting. very few peo
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Sep 23, 2010 6:00pm EDT
nations. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports the president is keeping up pressure on iran to come to the negotiating table. but the iranian president said something in his speech that forced u.s. diplomats to get out of the chairs and walk out of the chamber. >> reporter: on the international stage with the world leaders looking on to the united nations, president obama made his latest pitch for iran to stop producing nuclear weapons. >> the door remains open to diplomacy, should iran choose to walk through it. but the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of the nuclear program. >> reporter: the presence of the iranian leader in new york has been greeted by protests for his government's poor treatment of his people. protesters also encourage the iranian people to rise up and overthrow ahmadinejad. for iranian leader, he says iran is ready to talk to the west about the nuclear program, but lectured the u.s. from the podium referencing the september 11 attacks. >> some segments within the u.s. govern
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Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm EDT
are still very tough. mike emanuel live at the white house with that. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, shep. yes, 15 month since the experts say the recession ended, but we still have that very high unemployment. today, president obama tried to make it clear he understands so many american families are still suffering. >> obviously, for the millions of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline. people who are struggling to pay the bills day-to-day. it's still very real for them. >> republican party chairman michael steele offered this reaction, "there are no poll-tested lines or high profile speeches that can ensure the struggling families will get the jobs they need or pay the bills that are now past due." steele says americans are still waiting for the recovery that has never arrived. the president says it will take time. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the white house where today the president reiterated he is keeping all of the options on the table for dealing with iran. the president's comments came the day after the iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad d
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the administration after the elections in november to return to harvard university. mike emanuel with the news live at the white house. mike, what is the president saying about this? >> well, shep, essentially president obama thanked larry summers for his service, issuing a statement late today saying, quote: i will always be grateful that at a time of great peril for our country a man of larry's brilliance, experience, and judgment was willing to answer the call and lead our economic team. the statement goes on to say, quote, while we have much more work ahead to repair the damage done by the recession we are on a better path, thanks to small noe small measure, to larry's wise counsel. he is leaving for harvard. he will will be here until then. bill. >> shepard: summer makes three of the president's financial team to leave that says something. >> christina romer, the council of economic advisors chair now summers returning to harvard. what harvard told us is essentially summers had two years to maintain his tenured position at harvard and then he had to come back and so he will be there for next
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Sep 10, 2010 1:00pm EDT
obama talking about this controversy about an hour ago and mike emanuel is live at the white house with that in just minutes. meantime in tennessee a local church in memphis is throwing its support behind a new mosque. the heart song united methodist church giving a warm welcome to the new religious center after last month's suspicious fire at another mosque just 150 miles away. jonathan serrie has that story live from atlanta. the islamic center in memphis is getting a warmer reception than new mosques in other parts of the country, why is that? >> reporter: largely because of the climate at this church that happens to be located right across the street from this new mosque. they posted a sign in their front lawn that reads, welcome to the neighborhood. here is how the church's youth minister describes the situation, listen. >> this sign was not just to be a welcome mat but to show the history between islam and christianity, just because we are located across the street from each other doesn't mean we can't be friendly neighbors. >> reporter: some church members indicated they wer
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Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm EDT
correspondent mike emanuel live here in new york. i guess democrats and republicans are battling over the tax cuts for the richest americans, right? >> jon, the most drama is on the democratic side. you have the leaders who don't want to extend it for individuals making more than $200,000 a year or families making more than 250,000 adds year. you have got democrats who are in tough races who think maybe tax cuts should not be raised during a difficult economic recovery or, perhaps, you know, people from wealthy districts who don't want to raise taxes at this point, you know, less than six weeks from election day. that's where the drama is, jon. >> jon: and the thinking is that some of these lawmakers might vote differently in a lame duck session, right? >> that's right. we got some interesting reaction from a republican senator today who commented on because the republicans want to extend all the tax cuts for everybody. here is what he had to say. >> it was a gutless approach to this. look, i understand the democrats. they know this is going to be a tough election for them. and, frankly, they
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Sep 17, 2010 7:00pm EDT
with vast powers to enforce lending. mike emanuel is at the white house tonight. this consumer protection bureau, what's it all about. >> essentially, shep, giving the american public an idea what the fine print has to say. the bureau would have the power to write and enforce rules for credit cards, mortgages, and other types of loans. protecting americans from lending abuses, also clarifying paperwork and fees associated with those loans. here is what the woman who is charged with setting it up says it's all about. >> i hope what we're going to do is help them understand what they're about. get products that people can see, they can read them. they can understand for themselves. they can exercise their own personal responsibility and we can make those markets work. >> her concern is people who sign up for a credit card or loans and then all of a sudden the fees jump up. she is going to try to clarify that needless to say some of the banks are a little nervous, shep. >> shepard: we should note the president named her to overseat creation of this panel but did not name her as a permanent d
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Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm EDT
afterward. our white house correspondent mike emanuel live at the u.n. tonight. really strong reaction from the president after that speech. >> no question, shep, when he heard those comments. spokesman robert gibbs sent me a reaction moments ago saying president obama found those comments to be outrageous and offensive. particularly how close we are to ground zero. we also got this reaction from state department spokesman p.j. crowley. >> it's outrageous. you know, a short distance from here, nine years ago, 3,000 people were killed in an attack perpetrated by 19 people but attack that was orchestrate by al-qaida. we know exactly who did it. they've admitted it. the facts are not in dispute. >> so while much of the day was focused on diplomatic speak, clearly those comments by ahmadinejad late this afternoon hit a nerve. shep? >> and analysts point out he was speaking at the united nations but he may have had another audience. in fact, most likely did. one back home. >> well, that's right. experts who know ahmadinejad say that essentially coming to the u.n. is an opportunity for him to
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Sep 6, 2010 11:00am EDT
, theral way -- railways and the air force. mike emanuel traveling with the president is in milwaukee and how will this infrastructure proposal work? >> reporter: well, gregg, essentially the president wants to lay it out, he's got to get congress to approve it, but as you mentioned, infrastructure projects, the 3rs, roads, railways, and runways. let's take a look 59 -- at the numbers, the plan will call for rebuilding 150,000 miles of road, maintain 4000 miles of rails across the country and rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runway. i should mention this event here in milwaukee will attract a lot of labor union types, so it will be a friendly audience, the president want to go emphasize to the crowd that he understands people are hurting in this economy, this is a proposal he wants to lay out but senior administration officials acknowledge they don't expect it will actually create any jobs until some time next year, and so if anybody is looking for an immediate short term fix to our economy, this is not it. but the president will say he is on the case and try to reassure ameri
FOX News
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am EDT
joe biden started calling the gop the republican tea party. mike emanuel is live at the was. mike, set the page for this down hall meeting, first of all, what is the president planning. >> reporter: john, next hour president obama will be at the museum across down here in washington with a group of 200 for a televised town hall meeting. we understand they've recruited people from all different walks of life. they want to talk about, how do you build confidence in the economy, how do you get the small business owner to believe the recession truly is over, perhaps hire a couple more people, buy a big piece of equipment to get the economy up and running again. he will take questions from audience. it is televised, there will be no commercials and they want it to be an intimate setting where he can talk about the economy and try to convince the american pickup that we are heading -- pickup, that we are heading in the right decks. jenna: now that jenna has told me the recession is officially over i think i'll run out and buy a house. >> reporter: that would help. jon: what is the issue "the
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Sep 21, 2010 11:00am EDT
machine swit skr-rbgs haroo, how veggies will be the big thing. jenna: mike emanuel is live at the white house. mike, what started a buzz about the possible shakeup of the economic team. >> reporter: it was president obama in his own words. he talked about the effect team, some of the tough decisions they've had to make and about the family impact of working in these high stress, very challenging jobs. here is more from the president. >> look, i have not made any determinations about personnel. larry summers and tim geithner have done on you outstanding job as has my whole economic team. this is tough the work that they do. they have been at it for two years. they are going to have a whole range of decisions about family that will factor into this as well. >> reporter: the president's staff says he was not signaling a change is in the works. he's merely showing support for the tough decisions they've made and the tough jobs they've had over the years, jenna. jenna: the white house says no major shakeup but the timing of this conversation is interesting, we are right up to the midterm ele
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Sep 8, 2010 11:00am EDT
. mike emanuel is live at the white house with more on this. mike. >> reporter: in the next hour, president obama will leave for the buckeye state to lay out his plans for the economy. some of it will be reiterating what mr. obama revealed on monday, calling for additional infrastructure spending. the president will also call for research and development tax credits for businesses and accelerated tax breaks for companies buying property and equipment. mr. obama will say the bush tax cuts should stay, but not for those making more than $250,000 per year. white house senior adviser date axelrod explained why: >> well, because frankly, we can't afford it. we do need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, for those 98 percent. we've given $300 billion in tax cuts to them in the last 20 months because the middle class has suffered not just through this recession but for the last decade. >> reporter: today, house republican leader john boehner is proposing his own plan, calling for freezing government spending at 2008 levels and a two-year freeze on all current tax rates. the pre
FOX News
Sep 6, 2010 1:00pm EDT
americans unemployed. mike emanuel is traveling with the president. live in milwaukee. let's take a look at the infrastructure plan. >> reporter: good afternoon. happy labor day to everybody at home. white house officials say they don't expect jobs to be created by this infrastructure plan until sometimes next year. they say this is not a magic bullet but something president obama thinks will be helpful to the long term for the u.s. economy. let's take a look at proposal. rebuild 150,000 miles of road, renewing the commitment to the backbone of our transportation system. construct and maintain 4,000 miles of rail. runways, rehabilitate or construct miles of runway. so today in front 6 a friendly labor audience, the president did quite well with the labor movement in 2008, he will talk about his commitment to the infrastructure in the united states and why these proposals are a good idea. layer * senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to give a statement. some are saying there is not enough time left on the docket when they come back to even get this done. but what is some of
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Sep 29, 2010 11:00am EDT
to get them to go to the polls, jenna. jenna: mike emanuel with the president and the back yard beat today. mike, talk to you soon, thank you very much. >> okay, jenna. gregg: just n. a brand new audiotape from al-qaeda's america's spokesman, adam ghadan, urging pakistanis to rise up against the government there. ghadan saying in response to responsive flooding in pakistan was slugger and half hearted and he suspects aid to the people will be stolen by corrupt pakistani officials, this is the first time gadahn has appeared in a videotaped message since june. >> jury selection underway right now in new york city for the twin bombings of two u.s. embassy necessary africa back in 1998, those explosions, killing more than 200 people and the suspect is the first to face civilian law. eric, what's expected to happen today? >> jury selection is beginning but let me show you something first that has to do with what the obama administration had hoped for. remember when eric holder announced that a 9/11 terror suspect khalid sheikh mohammed will be tried in new york? that caused an uproar in s
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Sep 9, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. mike emanuel is live at the white house where the stakes are very high and very bizarre. what are they saying? >> a great deal of concern between robert gibbs at the white house and geoff morrell at the pentagon. there are concerns about the potential backlash. gibbs tried to give context a few moments ago about this church in florida with 50 parishoners. there are more people attending his news conferences than go to his church. >> judging from the publicity that this individual is attracting, i doubt it is hard for him to have missed the commander in afghanistan, the former commander in iraq, and the commander in chief all discussing the potential impacts of troops that we have deployed throughout the world that are in harm's way protecting the religious freedoms we all enjoy. as the president suggested i think there is no doubt this should and could be seen as nothing less than a big recruiting bonanza for al qaeda. >> reporter: it' not clear who would call pastor terry jones. the white house and the pentagon say those discussions are underway. it sounds like jim jones is t
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in philadelphia. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports the exhortation to do more and do better also applies to the teachers. the group with which the president has had a fluid relationsh relationship. >> today is about welcoming all of you and all of america's students back to school. >> for the second year in a row, president obama started the school term with the speech to students, challenging them to be personally responsible for their education. >> that kind of discipline, that kind of drive, that kind of hard work is absolutely essential for success. >> the president enjoys overwhelming support from teacher's unions which have given more than 3 million dollars this election cycle and 97% of that to democrats. and the unions say last year's stimulus package saved 160,000 teacher jobs, but mr. obama's race to the top program demands that educators be made to do a better job or face dismissal. >> it's going to take an outstanding principal, like principal neve, outstanding teachers like the one you have here at masterman, teachers who are going above and beyond the call of duty f
FOX News
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT
correspondent mike emanuel is traveling with the president who is speaking here in new york at the united nations. you know, his base had said you have got to do a better sell job. i went to some of their sites today and it looks like they are pretty happy. >> yeah. today was a different setting. he was in a backyard in suburban virginia with 20 people who believe strongly in health care plan the difference this is making in their lives and their families it was a very personalized approach to health care. the president admitted quite candidly that he should have done a better job selling it up front, shep. >> shepard: i thought there was a sign. lots of democratic candidates are talking about health care none of them are. they lost control of the narrative. >> republicans are running on we are going to repeal health care first chance we get. democrats are recognizing from the polls that essentially they believe that jobs, the economy are bigger issues on the agenda for the american public. and so democrats aren't talking about it. the white house says that's okay because they have got to
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm EDT
and gas companies to pay for the proposal. traveling with the president in milwaukee, mike emanuel, fox news. >>> this is one of several presidential jobs initiatives leading into the november elections. wednesday president obama is expected to propose a permanent extension of tax credits for business owners who invest in research and development. >>> when it comes to salaries, how much do women average compared to their male counterparts? in parts of our region the paycheck gender gap is the highest in the country. that's coming up next. >>> also ahead craigslist has taken a lot of heat over sex ads in the link to prostitution. now craigslist made a major change, but will it help or make the problem even worse? we'll take a look at the controversy coming up. >> so, so nice this weekend around here. we just want it to continue, right? going to get warmer, but then it's going to cool down again. we'll show you the numbers, five-day forecast as well coming up with the complete forecast. >>> keep it here. shawn is in rare form tonight and fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. 
FOX News
Sep 16, 2010 11:00am EDT
condition date richard blumenthal but will the president help or hurt democrats at the poll? mike emanuel is live at the white house. first, mike, what is the reaction in connecticut, the president heading up there to work on behalf of richard pwhr*e munich thall? >> mr. blumenthal, jon, leads the race by about six points or so, he is considered a very popular politician in the state of connecticut, particularly popular with democrats. the question mark is the fight for the independent quote. as for the president's visit, here's the reaction from republican linda mcmahon: >> interesting for mr. blumenthal, who, you know, wants to be an outsider to washington, yet he's thoroughly embracing the president coming in for two particular fund-raisers, one specifically for him and one for the democratic party, and so you know, it's a big bear hug and embrace. >> reporter: shy note that we reached out to mr. blumenthal for an interview, his campaign declined our q. so that's why you're only hearing from the republican side of the ticket, jon. jon: but i presume, you know, the blumenthal campaign t
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Sep 23, 2010 9:00am EDT
to deliver a major address today at the united nations. mike emanuel is live in our new york city newsroom. mike, good morning to you. camping out here in gather a.m. all week long. it's great to have you -- to have you. what is expected in the speech this morning? >> reporter: good morning. we expect the president to talk about the middle east peace sproes and he's going to say israel's right to exist should not be up for debate. he's going to call this a very old conflict and say that without seizing the moment, essentially, we'll be back here next year making big speeches again about the middle east peace sproes. and the president will say the following: quote, this time, we should reach for what's best within ourselves, if we do, when we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the united nations, an independent state of palestine, living in peace with israel. the president's aides know that will obviously be a very heavy lift but once again we have an american president trying to lead on this issue, bill. bill: what other issues are on the
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Sep 7, 2010 1:00pm EDT
of the koran. mike emanuel just got this report in for us, mike, tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: the nato secretary general just emerged from a white house meeting with president obama, no tv coverage but i asked him his thoughts on that plan to burn the koran on 9/11. he says he strongly condems that move. he's calling on the church to not burn the koran. i asked him if he's worried about it ultimately leading to the lives of nato troops in harm's way in afghanistan being killed, he says, yes, that is his concern. we've heard from general david petreaus he's obviously condemning the idea of burning the koran. we've seen proceed sess start to erupt in kabul, there is a very real concern now between the top commander general petreaus and now the nato secretary general that if the koran is burned on 9/11 it may have a ripple effect at a very critical time in the afghan war. other than that the secretary general was proud to announce that 2,000 trainers will be going to afghanistan from nato countries, obviously training afghan forces is critical if the u.s. wants to end their role
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Sep 30, 2010 1:00pm EDT
of the normal departure park, it's a hard job. mike emanuel is with us to put sper tebgt tiff into this. am i wrong the questions are when he's leaving and who his replacement is going to be. >> reporter: i've been told by sources outside this building that it is going to be rahm emanuel's departure announced tomorrow at 11:05 in the east room. gibbs hinted there would be two announcements made. my understand thap pete rorouse will be chief of staff. he was once chief to senator barack obama. clear hraoet president is comfortable with him. he has been an insider with this president for quite a longtime. winds he will be named as the interim chief of staff tomorrow. clearly they did not want to role it out at the briefing with robert gibbs today. people i've talked to outside the building say the field is getting crowded for mayor of chicago. he's not going to be rubber stamped the next mayor of chicago, he needs to get there, get on the ground and start working con sit unit -- con state unit sees. he is feeling pressure to leave they wants to be mayor of chicago, not because the president wan
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Sep 22, 2010 11:00am EDT
. the information officer from broward county. jon: they got their guys. fox news alert, jenna, mike emanuel is reporting that rahm emanuel the white house chief of staff could leave as soon as next month, which isn't all that far away when you think about it. the rumor is that he wants to leave washington to potentially run for mayor of his hometown, chicago, an opportunity that became all that much more tan ta hraoeuzing just a week or so ago when mayor daly announced he would not run for re-election. it has always been apparently rahm emanuel's dream job, so now he's considering it very carefully. but if he runs the feeling is he needs to make a decision very quickly. rahm emanuel could be leaving the white house as early as next month. pete rouse, a senior adviser and chief of khaf to senator barack obama -- staff to senator back back seems to be the likeliest to take over if rahm emanuel is to leave. jenna: two suspects in connecticut charged with raping and murdering a mother and her two daughters in her home, an update on the trial. plus important tips on how you can survive a home in
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Sep 20, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to that report in a new hour of "america live." hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. we go to mike emanuel at the white house. all right, mike, some economists out in cambridge, massachusetts, decided that the recession ended in june of '09. what does president obama say? >> reporter: well, he didn't seem overly dazzled, megyn, because he recognizes for millions of americans who are out of work, looking for work or underemployed that the suffering is still ongoing, they're still dealing with the realities of the recession. so he seemed to try to call for a little bit of patience. here's more from the president a short time ago. >> we have put forward proposals, for example, to accelerate investment here in the united states instead of overseas in research and development and plants and equipment that could put people back to work. so there are a lot of plans in place that can make improvement, but it's slow and steady as opposed to the kind of quick fix that i think a lot of people would like to see. >> reporter: the president insists he is not anti-business, not anti-wall street. he under
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Sep 23, 2010 11:00am EDT
correspondent mike emanuel is here in new york following the president's every move an every word, mike. what kind of strikes you about what he had to say today? >> reporter: i was struck by how much he talked about middle east peace. many american presidents have tried for middle east peace and that's been very elusive, so the president raeg making the case that we can do the same old same old when it comes to the palestinians and israel, be back here making big speeches once again, and so he spent a lot of his focus on that. also struck me, the talk about the global economy, what he's tried to do to help rescue the global economy. obviously that's a great concern around the world. jenna: it's interesting, ahead of the protests we're expecting in new york city about iran. what do we expect to hear next from the president? he has a few speeches and a few things to take care of in new york. >> he has a key bilateral with the chinese premiere so we can expect talk about north korea to come you, the global economy. the two nations, u.s. and china, have differences sometimes over economic issues
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Sep 10, 2010 9:00am EDT
could have foreseen the economic situation we'd be in now, mike emanuel, at the white house and the press gathering in the room, getting ready for the news conference and exciting to get a shot at asking the president questions and everybody has their questions ready to go, we'll see what happens. bill: when he calls the news conference and given the events of the day today there will be news, you can guarantee that at the top of the hour here, tomorrow is september 11th and split-second decisions in the tragedy is the reality from nine years ago and in a new nat-geo special, former mayor rudy giuliani says what he witnessed during one of the darkest days in the nation's history. >> it looked like a nuclear cloud. gray smoke, coming toward the building. bla things flying through the streets. things hitting the side of the building, and all of a sudden it became dark outside. totally dark outside. bill: you can watch the rest of that gripping special, the national geographic channel on monday, the 13th of september, check your local listings for the time in your area, the for
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Sep 22, 2010 1:00pm EDT
like to pursue the position of mayor of chicago, our own mike emanuel is live in our new york newsroom with the latest details. >> reporter: people life talked to say that's possible he could leave as early as next month. leaving the chief of staff position, there's never a good time for that, but the bottom line, sources i've talked to, say he needs to make his decision, if he decides to go, then the white house will move quickly to put in an interim chief of staff, the name i'm hearing is peter rouse, somebody who's an old hand on capitol hill, somebody they've nicknamed the 101st senator. he would be the person to come in. as for emanuel's desire to run for mayor of chicago, he has labeled it his dream job, i have been told that he has $1.2 million left in his federal campaign account, so he doesn't have some of the fundraising pressures that perhaps other candidates who might want to run for mayor do have, but ultimately, the window is going to be tight in terms of getting out of his very, very demanding day job and running for mayor of chicago. so if he decides to go forward, it w
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Sep 24, 2010 11:00am EDT
/11 conspiracy theories outrageous and offensive i mike emanuel is in new york, following the president. this is a tough spot for the president to be. he wants to respond, at the same time, he doesn't want to give too much credence to some of these crazy comments. >> reporter: no question about that jenna. the president particularly outraged by the fact that we are all right here in new york, so close to ground zero, where almost 3000 lives were lost, and so the president blasted back, pretty quickly, through his aides, and we expect to hear more from him today. in terms of his personal outrage and this great drama goes on with both world leaders who cannot stand each other, being in the same city, causing traffic jams for the people of new york but all kidding aside, they are so close, but yet they're talking past one another. jenna: and some would say that ahmadinejad made these comments more for the iranian people rather than his american audience to show how strong and powerful he is in his own country. are we doing anything as americans to make sure our message is getting across fr
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Sep 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
results in great state of delaware and also in alaska regarding the senate candidates. mike emanuel, our correspondent says that the white house says there's nothing to this but nonetheless, it is on page 1a of "the new york times" and they did get a whole bunch of people to talk about it. you got to figure, there's got to be something to it. >> yeah. if they're denying it so stringently, maybe there was and now there isn't. who knows? that's the latest coming out of the white house this morning. in the meantime, the g.o.p., the republicans, they may have a new mission on their hands to try and stop some of these programs that have been passed by the obama administration. specifically health care. so what is one way that they possibly could do that without repealing it completely? well, it would be to cut off the cash. apparently they would be able to cut off some of the funding of maybe i.r.s. agents who will be looking into health care and other small variables of the program that would strangle the efforts of health care to go into full term. >> they want to say they'll strangle and r
Sep 22, 2010 9:00pm CDT
hurdle to get past could be rahm emanuel. >> good evening i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa. our top story scene across the country, these meetings. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with mike quigley who met with emanuel today to talk about the race, the kind of campaign they'd like to see, and the kind of mayor they think chicago needs. it is all eyes on washington tonight. the question becoming less whether rahm emanuel will seek chicago's top job but when he'll make it official. >> i'm told that he's all but certain to run. as you full well know, in that once the senate is gone, this is going to happen pretty quickly. >> reporter: a -- emanuel's been reaching out talking with quigley today and davis last flight. >> we talked about the kind of campaigning that should take place and that every effort should be made to have erroneous relationships. >> reporter: early on the top aid met with jesse jackson jr. looking to set a civil tone for a race that now appears over before it begins in jackson's case. reports of an improper relationship with a d.c. area hostess delivering
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
in the nation and was 12th on the list last year. >>> replacing rahm emanuel. >> of the white house chief of staff is reportedly considering a run for the mayor of chicago. politico's mike allen is here with the details. what are the chances that rahm emanuel will run for mayor of chicago? >> it seems to be pretty good. they will want to make some changes at the midterm and this is something he wants to do. this goes back as far as the time he was in congress. people assume he is going to. they are talking about who was coming next to them of who are they talking about? this could be an opportunity for the obama administration to bring in a fresh face. >> they want someone who will bring change and a new approach. it must be somebody the president will be comfortable with. it will not be a surprise. rahm was telling people that his replacement would be valerie jarrett. there are other familiar names. ron clain, he has worked for vice president joe biden. another person familiar to washington tom donlan, his wife was chief of staff to joe biden. >> it will be interesting to see who he choo
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
been hearing rahm emanuel is stepping away. also, the man-just in time for the midterms. mike allen is with us. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we should hear something as soon as friday. >> rahm emanuel probably leaving friday. and as good to be a new national security adviser. robert gibbs moving to a different spot. >> rahm emanuel possibly going to run for mayor in chicago. in effect of all the other potential people leaving. to do we have a front runner? >> the president will likely stay inside his comfort zone. tom donovan is the deputy chief of staff. and there is the chief of staff of joe biden. and there was president obama's chief of staff in the senate. altria are likely options to replace rahm emanuel. -- all three. >> there will be 400 fund- raisers around d.c.. >> one of the reasons they are staying is to do this. there is breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktails. events at national parks and senator harry reid sent an invitation to energy lobbyists saying feel free to send your colleagues. we have the schedules from lobbyists inundated with all these invitation
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